Cotton. And A Touch Of The Mediterranean

Just let your imagination flow. You are on a beach on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s one of those hot days of summer, where all you can hear is sea gulls rushing to the waves, children’s cries fading in the background of the song of the sea. You’re lying on the sizzling sand, a splash of salty bubbles brushing your feet every now and then. A mother scolds her child miles away. The sun pours down like honey. And you, you’ve never felt more at peace.

But what if we told you you don’t need to book any flights or pack your bags to get to that one perfect dream spot? We here at Calbau Statement Wear are set to bring the Mediterranean to your own home, grace to the best quality cotton Italy and France could source! It’s true, a touch of our fabrics will instantly have you transported to the warmest holiday snapshot you can possibly picture. It’s not just fabric. It’s Mediterranean cotton.



To this day one of the most respected fabrics around the globe, the history of cotton in Europe starts, as you may have already guessed, in the Mediterranean. The 17th century sees a spark in the development of the textile industries of France and Italy that immediately propels cotton to the peak of its popularity. The affordability and breathability of this light, versatile fabric turns out to be so mesmerizing that soon, the interest of the French people in silk decreases considerably and the country prepares to take a new course in history, with the introduction of the first premium basics. Clashes with the higher classes are not late to arise, to the extent that cotton sourcing, production and manufacturing are for a while forbidden. But the people fight back, and after a few decades of fines and interdictions, the national government cannot deny the immense request for this new fabric of the future, and around 1740 the ban is lifted and the country properly sets on course for the modernization of the garment industry as we know it today.



Convoluted and controversial, the history of cotton holds many more pages, and is often considered banal or ingrate, punctured by episodes of wrenching colonialism and tyranny, but good will and virtue have, in the end, prevailed, and it is now time to for a new page in the story of this banal fabric. Healthy, heartwarming and luxurious, if cared for properly, Mediterranean cotton is to this day the world’s best fabric you can get your hands on.

And we won’t turn to any other choice any time soon.